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15:55 Courses Bug #3292: Real bug
It was not a bug Patrick Roth
15:54 Courses Bug #3292 (Feature implemented): Real bug
Patrick Roth


16:03 Common Bug #1489 (Feature implemented): Platform install step "5. Applications", comment for applications are always the same
In step 5 of the install, the comment under all applications is the same, i.e., "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consecte... Patrick Roth


12:49 Chamilo LMS Bug #1442 (Bug resolved): Notice when installing new chamilo 1.8.7
Just after installing the new chamilo 1.8.7 version directly from the mercurial server, I receive the following notic... Patrick Roth


14:35 Courses Feature #142: Weblcms - Course settings
For me this is really a problem since this feature (Alert by e-mail) is very popular and I am not the only one. Think... Patrick Roth


22:37 Courses Bug #1292 (Bug resolved): New course not showed in the Typeless list
After creating a new "Typeless course", I don't see him in the course list. However, when I show the "Course list", I... Patrick Roth
22:30 Courses Feature #1291 (Bug resolved): Formular "Create user" (/chamilo/core.php?go=create&application=user)
Formular "Create user" (/chamilo/core.php?go=create&application=user), what are "Database quota" and "Version quota" ... Patrick Roth
22:29 Installation Refactoring #1290 (Bug resolved): Step 8 of 8 – Installation
At the end of the page, the "[=Install=Filesystem=]" has still not be translated Patrick Roth
22:28 Installation Usability #1289 (Bug resolved): Step 7 of 8 – Installation overview
Step 7 of 8 – Installation overview of the configuration, the passwords (i.e., DB Password and Administrator Password... Patrick Roth


14:54 Chamilo LMS Feature #1151 (Feature implemented): "Tests" tool confusing with the way we select type of question
When selecting type of questions, it is confusing. I think replacing this arrow directly by a menu would be clearer. Patrick Roth

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