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16:36 Chamilo LMS Bug #7608: [] Display previous attempt test button result in blank popup
I think I found a fix.
Edit the following file: main/exercice/overview.php
On rule 168:
Miguel van den Branden


15:53 Repository Bug #5901 (New): User cannot change document
If the user has created a template (with css) and it has been clicked in the Browse Templates folder, on the link of ... Miguel van den Branden
15:50 Core Bug #5900 (New): Quicktime size
A video object with the Quicktime plugin is not loaded correctly sized. The playback bar below the video image is hal... Miguel van den Branden
15:49 Repository Bug #5899 (New): Wrong operation
If someone is checking one object in the repository and then down to the selection checking remove, uncheck or anothe... Miguel van den Branden
15:43 Repository Bug #5897 (New): Error something has been forgotten to fill in
When the user creates a document object format, and forget to fill in a field above the formatting, and then presses ... Miguel van den Branden
15:34 Repository Bug #5896 (New): Remove categories
It is sometimes not possible to remove a created category. This occurs especially when CPO objects or zip files in th... Miguel van den Branden
15:32 Repository Bug #5895 (New): Showing the hints in a Matrix question
Showing the hints in a Matrix question does not work. If someone clicks on 'give a hint' button nothing will be seen,... Miguel van den Branden
15:29 Repository Bug #5894 (New): CPO export / import error.
A loose object can be exported and imported in a repository, however if you want to export a learning path and multip... Miguel van den Branden
15:22 Repository Bug #5893 (New): Export CPO
If the user wants to export objects, that contain hotpot questions, from the repository to a CPO file, the system wi... Miguel van den Branden

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