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00:05 Chamilo LMS Bug #8167: With SCORM content, time spent on SCO is only the time of the last session, not total ...
Sorry for the delay... Yes it's maybe because of this setting. I will install a new Chamilo version (i think the...


23:08 Chamilo LMS Bug #8167 (Rejected - Abandoned): With SCORM content, time spent on SCO is only the time of the l...
For Chamilo 1.10.2 :
When a teacher or a user consult the time spent on the SCO or for the SCORM, it seems th...


19:13 Chamilo LMS Feature #8155 (New): In Assesment, make possible to use the score of SCORM 1.2 multi-SCO modules
It seems that it's not possible actually (cf. , tested on chamilo...


00:45 Chamilo LMS Feature #5806: Display all feedbacks in tests results
+1 pour ce besoin. Une autre alternative à creuser (qui peut-être complémentaire aussi) : mettre une case Feedback gé...


16:14 Chamilo LMS Bug #5531 (Bug resolved): Problème d'affichage de la page d'accueil d'administration selon la con...
Version installée : 1.9.0
Page concernée : main/admin/ ou main/admin/index.php
Erreur affichée : page blanche a...

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