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13:20 Repository Usability #5571 (New): The possibility of adding a category in the "shared by me" map.
Is it possible to give the "shared by me" map the same possibility as the "shared with me" map. I am missing the opti... Albert Vis


16:01 Repository Bug #5011 (Bug resolved): Latex code problem
It seems that when i input a latex code the code won't generate a preview nor an object. Albert Vis
15:59 Repository Bug #5010 (New): Hotspot question image error
When you have made a hotspot question and want to re-edit the picture, it seems not to be possible to do this.
I can...
Albert Vis
15:54 Repository Bug #5009 (Needs testing): Imported file doesn't show in the repository
When you import a document, like a .jpg. in the repository it doesn't show up in the list.
When trying to import the...
Albert Vis
15:49 Repository Bug #5006 (Bug resolved): Repository Export pulldown list problem
In the repository when you have selected objects, learning paths, etc and want to export these by using the pulldown ... Albert Vis
15:35 Repository Feature #5001 (New): Possibilities for Visal code
Would it be possible to add a feature that makes it possible to leave the Visual code (in course) open. Now it is req... Albert Vis
15:22 Repository Bug #4996 (Needs more info): CK-editor sourcecode problem
When making/designing a document with the editor and you switch to 'source', then back and then 'source' again, the e... Albert Vis

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