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Reported issues: 29


13:38 Courses Bug #5892: copying contentobject with included objects is completely broken
The problem is located in the repository, in the file content_object_copier.class.php, the function copy_includes() c...


22:40 Courses Bug #5508 (Bug resolved): Impossible to add a content object to my portfolio
This was an issue only on STABLE. This is now fixed.


15:27 User Bug #5688 (New): User setting problem
Every time you go to "My Account" and change a setting, new records are inserted (INSERT instead of UPDATE) in the ta...


14:20 User Bug #5486 (Needs testing): ResetPassword e-mail = SPAM
This is now fixed on stable and dev
13:52 Handbook Bug #5234 (Bug resolved): View created handbook;
13:51 Handbook Bug #5465 (Bug resolved): Not possible to create handbook chapter in handbook.


14:59 Search portal Bug #5155: fatal error search portal
the line I commented out (for searching shared content objects), generates this SQL error:
[Native message: Unknow...
14:44 Search portal Bug #5155: fatal error search portal
In total it were 3 bugs. I fixed it now so that the non-admins can search their own objects. But someone should revie...


16:30 Search portal Bug #5155: fatal error search portal
Looking at the code, it should also work if you allow all content objects to be searched (administration -> admin -> ...
11:47 Handbook Bug #4967 (Needs testing): Publication rights error
I am unable to reproduce the error, maybe it is fixed by now, please retest...

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