Tim De Geeter





10:45 Courses Usability #5408 (New): treeview in course tools
Treeview should always be on the left side....and collapsable. If you have a lot categories, the items aren't visibl... Tim De Geeter


10:18 Home Feature #4935 (New): rss feed on homepage
It would be nice if the rss feeds *open on a new tab page* instead of the same page. Otherwise you always leave the ... Tim De Geeter


16:10 Repository Bug #4558 (New): upload zip in repository (.ppt document)
I tried to upload a .zip file in the repository with a .ppt document in it of more than 50MB.
Result: a white empty...
Tim De Geeter


16:00 Courses Feature #4500 (New): It is not possible to subscribe to more than 1 course at the same time.
When you subscribe to a course, you are always immediately redirected to the course page. It 's not possible to subs... Tim De Geeter
15:30 Courses Bug #4498 (Bug resolved): changing a group name erases the name of the group.
When you make multiple groups (with a relation description) and you try later to edit a groupname, all the names of t... Tim De Geeter


15:03 Repository Bug #2726 (Bug resolved): Repository - create javascript error (internet explorer)
When I use Internet Explorer and I go to Reposity - create I get a javascript error: 'null' is empty or no object. j... Tim De Geeter

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