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Reported issues: 132


12:27 Courses Bug #6600 (Bug resolved): Assigment tool - fatal error group submissions
getest als docent voor aanmaken en als student voor indienen en ok


16:05 Courses Bug #6181: Course type : Updaten cursus met gewijzgde parameters
bij het updaten van cursustypes met grote aantallen cursussen lijken de settings ook niet goed te worden doorgevoerd ...


11:24 Admin Bug #6712 (New): function retrieve_all_groups_and_templates($user_id) does not work
first part of the function (retrieve an array of group ids which this user is subscribed to) works and returns an arr...


13:46 Portfolio Bug #6207 (Bug resolved): iconen portfolio menu
13:46 Courses Usability #6408 (Bug resolved): subfolder in portfolio does not show portfolio or folder icon, bu...


14:37 Repository Usability #6683 (New): Dropdown om op content object te filteren verdwenen
In chamilo 2 was er een dropdown om op content object type te filteren in het repository.
ik weet niet of die er in ...


10:46 Portfolio Bug #6577: portfolio
fixed by Hans on local ehb repository, same fix should be applied on chamilo repo's
10:41 Portfolio Bug #6563 (Needs testing): infinite loop on creating portfolio document
I think this was due to a problem with locations not being created. this problem has been resolved so this bug should...


14:11 Courses Usability #6407 (Needs testing): Add object ot portfolio subfolder
lijkt geen probleem meer te zijn nu
11:50 Courses Support #6477 (Bug resolved): not in subscription period

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