Maarten Meuris




15:12 Repository Bug #3875 (New): Images linked in assessments don't display in preview
The assessments link to images by using a link to "core.php?application=repository&go=document_downloader&display=1&o... Maarten Meuris


10:40 External Repositories Usability #3508 (New): YouTube viewer uses outdated embedding
The current YouTube viewer is tiny, and lacking the controls to switch to fullscreen mode or change the quality. It a... Maarten Meuris
08:30 Personal Messenger Bug #3507 (Bug resolved): Discussions tab does not cause "New message" function to default to the "discussion" type
There are two ways of handling personal messages, namely normal messages and discussions. When making a new message, ... Maarten Meuris


10:38 Repository Translations #3300: Max filesize should be MB instead of M
Another note on this: in French, the word "octet" is used, so using MB globally and language independently would be p... Maarten Meuris
10:30 Repository Translations #3300: Max filesize should be MB instead of M
Actually, if you want to nitpick on something like this, the correct indication should be MiB anyway. See http://en.w... Maarten Meuris


14:50 Repository Bug #3279 (Bug resolved): Complex object data of a question isn't deleted when unlinking through repository
When I remove a question from an assessment, everything is cleaned up as it should, but if I use the Unlinker functio... Maarten Meuris


09:21 Repository Bug #3193 (Feature implemented): Upload of image fails
I've tried uploading this particular image 3 times now, and the upload keeps failing with no other message than "Cont... Maarten Meuris


09:09 Common Bug #3189 (Bug resolved): Mouse-over row highlight in table data doesn't work on first row
In any kind of table data (file list in repository, user list in a course, etc), the rows are highlighted when the mo... Maarten Meuris


16:23 Repository Feature #3160: Global search in the repository
An odd detail on this: the autocomplete in the search box DOES do a global search, but the actual search function doe... Maarten Meuris
15:02 Repository Feature #3160 (New): Global search in the repository
The current search function only searches inside the current category, which is not really useful unless you make a g... Maarten Meuris

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