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16:26 Chamilo LMS Feature #1269: Hide tools for a teacher, Add options to the course.tool.visibility field (Admin only)
Or... to avoid confusion:
A lock and a "masters eye"...
Admin could see the "teachers eye", the "masters eye" and...
Carlos Brolo


15:20 Chamilo LMS Bug #1223: Settings.php / Gradebook missing option
Students use the Gradebook tab to see all their courses grades in one page to avoid visiting each one individually.
Carlos Brolo


20:09 Chamilo LMS Bug #1237 (Rejected - Abandoned): Gradebook: Export to XLS not exporting all elements
When you export your gradebook to xls you only get 8 elements on the xls file.
It should export all elements.
Carlos Brolo


22:51 Chamilo LMS Bug #1223 (Bug resolved): Settings.php / Gradebook missing option
When changing chamilo settings, if you go to gradebook options and change any option "Enable gradebook" is missing so... Carlos Brolo
17:53 Chamilo LMS Bug #1220 (Bug resolved): Task: A student can upload a homework outside the specified area
The correct way to "deliver" a homework student -> teacher is to enter to the space has been created to give back hom... Carlos Brolo


09:07 Chamilo LMS Bug #1132 (Bug resolved): whats new icons (user_portal.php) not available if you dont login to course at least one time.
whats new icons (user_portal.php) not avaiable to students if they dont login to the course at least one time.
the c...
Carlos Brolo
09:04 Chamilo LMS Bug #1131 (Rejected - Abandoned): Document "new icon" on user_portal.php apears sooo often
The "new action was taken" icon... or "whats new icon".... on the user_portal.php for "documents" apears each time a ... Carlos Brolo
08:53 Chamilo LMS Bug #1129: Direct contact to teacher (click on its name) produces PHP error
have some sugestions:
1.- To use api_mail_html so we can send more "cute" emails.
2.- use header('location:'.'../...
Carlos Brolo
05:03 Chamilo LMS Bug #1129: Direct contact to teacher (click on its name) produces PHP error
On file /main/messaging/email_editor.php
Change code line # 16
require_once api_get_path(LIBRARY_PATH).'
Carlos Brolo
04:58 Chamilo LMS Bug #1129 (Feature implemented): Direct contact to teacher (click on its name) produces PHP error
Chamilo 1.8.7 B1
Click to teachers name instead of showing the "web form" shows this message:
Fatal error: requ...
Carlos Brolo

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