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10:56 Chamilo LMS Support #6145: Packaging 1.10
Yannick Warnier wrote:
> Could not implement size reduction, and unlikely to happen now we're including more Symfony...
Jérôme Warnier


15:51 Chamilo LMS Feature #7472: Support HHVM as an engine to replace PHP
Repository for PHP7 packages for Debian Jessie:
Jérôme Warnier
10:41 Chamilo LMS Feature #7472: Support HHVM as an engine to replace PHP
Installation instructions for HHVM:
Specifics to Jessie:
Jérôme Warnier


17:31 Chamilo LMS Feature #7472 (Assigned): Support HHVM as an engine to replace PHP
I will give it a try myself, and report my initial findings here. Jérôme Warnier
17:29 Chamilo LMS Bug #7120: Removing unused libraries
Shouldn't this be closed? Jérôme Warnier
13:58 Chamilo LMS Feature #5939: Add Nginx redirection rules to the Chamilo install guide
Then, it could be good to have an installation page about this somewhere on the website, and that the Administration ... Jérôme Warnier
13:21 Chamilo LMS Feature #5199 (Assigned): Add IP and user agent in track_e_attempt
Jérôme Warnier
13:20 Chamilo LMS Feature #5129 (Assigned): Track student IP when taking exam
Yes, this is about tracking, nothing more.
Please note that with IPv6, the whole NATting concept is completely usele...
Jérôme Warnier
13:16 Chamilo LMS Feature #6224 (Assigned): Default login language should depend on the browser user-agent if set
Jérôme Warnier
13:14 Chamilo LMS Feature #6225: Improve installer
Julio Montoya wrote:
> Installer has been improved. The upgrade process is still missing.
Did you comment on/in t...
Jérôme Warnier

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