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21:29 Chamilo LMS Feature #5871: Make Chamilo debian-packageable
Yannick Warnier wrote:
> Prepare a configurable install script asking for host, directories, MySQL credentials, admi...


10:52 Chamilo LMS Feature #5871: Make Chamilo debian-packageable
To install this in Debian, the most logical way to package it is given below.
How this is implemented in Chamilo i...


12:00 Chamilo LMS Feature #3731: Use links in statistics
Indeed I meant links to individual items. Especially for documents, the name of the document is shown in the report. ...


20:53 Chamilo LMS Feature #3728 (New): Make list of all available documents
Julio A. Montoya wrote:
> Then in the course list (userportal) you will see a folder and you can grab the current do...


09:04 Chamilo LMS Bug #4526: Assignments: Deadline and end date not clear in Dutch
I don't seem to be still have my password for the translation interface (and it refuses to send mail for lost passwor...


14:50 Chamilo LMS Bug #4552: Incorrect protocol (http/https) in link created by javascript code
This comment is based on a repository checkout, I didn't actually test it, since the checkout isn't hosted as https.


19:23 Chamilo LMS Bug #4552 (Bug resolved): Incorrect protocol (http/https) in link created by javascript code
In main/course_home/[vertical_]activity.php the variable $current_protocol is set to something built from $_SERVER['S...
19:04 Chamilo LMS Bug #4511: get_lang() doesn't manage well empty translations
I've written a patch for this a long time ago. I thought I had already posted it here, but appearantly not. I've atta...


22:50 Chamilo LMS Feature #3898: after login, if the user does not have courses, go directly to catalog courses
Sounds good! However, make sure that there are courses to sign in for. If the student can't self-subscribe to anythin...
12:28 Chamilo LMS Bug #3896: Documents without title (which is auto-created folders) not shown
With 3884 applied, the newly created course get the name of the translation variable (ChatFiles, UserFolders, ...), a...

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