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10:02 Chamilo LMS Feature #2220: More effective templates
mmmmh... I'm not a Raffaello too... perhaps Furio Petrossi


09:54 Chamilo LMS Bug #2103: work.pkp open a blank page.
The bug vanished during the changements
OK, it is possible to close the bug.
Furio Petrossi


11:24 Chamilo LMS Feature #1915: eBooks reader implementation
Yes, like SCORM packages.
Perhaps this feature is not so urgent: an ePub reader is implemented in Firefox like a plu...
Furio Petrossi


22:42 Chamilo LMS Feature #2497: possibility of using external service to convert text into audio vozMe
It is an interesting feature, unfortunately some voices have low quality.
Furio Petrossi


22:41 Chamilo LMS Feature #2132: ASCIIMathML graphs
A great job.
I tested it in a local portable version (Uniform server)& Firefox.
All OK after saved; the graph is no...
Furio Petrossi
22:33 Chamilo LMS Feature #2496 (Needs more info): Create a document in a directory - Learning Path (Course) case
This feature is connected with
"Create a document in a directory" is an imp...
Furio Petrossi


13:07 Chamilo LMS Bug #2235: Alumno o Estudiante
In italian I preferred "corsista" (cursista) for all translations Furio Petrossi


22:19 Chamilo LMS Bug #2233: IE 9 Beta and editor
Ok, we hope in the future.
I changed the priority and complexity.
Waiting the IE9 final.
Furio Petrossi


23:14 Chamilo LMS Bug #2233: IE 9 Beta and editor
This behaviour affect *all* fckeditor classic official releases (also the original ones), not ckeditor releases, but ... Furio Petrossi
23:09 Chamilo LMS Bug #2233 (Bug resolved): IE 9 Beta and editor
Internet explorer 9 beta has a strange behaviour using editor.
All icons of the menu bar are moved on the lef side o...
Furio Petrossi

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