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11:18 Chamilo LMS Support #8356 (New): Chamilo LMS 1.10.6
Is there any documentation for coursebuilders on using the quiz mode, what possibilities there are what limitations?
Frans Kamp
11:13 Chamilo LMS Bug #8354 (New): CHamilo LMS 1.10.6: exercises with questions that have immediate feedback do not work when linked to a learningpath
We would like to use the quiz mode. If we make an exercises with questions that have immediate feedback, it is not po... Frans Kamp
11:08 Chamilo LMS Bug #8353 (New): Chamilo LMS 1.10.6: audio player does not work in the answers or feedback of MC and other questions
We need to be able to make exercises in which audio can be played not only in the question but also in the answer an... Frans Kamp


15:53 Chamilo LMS Bug #8327 (New): Targetcourse (scenario) not showing all learningpaths
When you add a question and you want to use a target course (under scenario), you can't select learning paths which a... Frans Kamp


16:06 Chamilo LMS Bug #8226 (New): No audio possible in answers
When you create a multiple choice question, you can't add audio in the answer. After saving, the audio is deleted (ma... Frans Kamp
16:00 Chamilo LMS Bug #8225 (Rejected - Abandoned): Bug in manual subscription class
When you want to subscribe a user to a class manually, Chamilo is deleting other users.
For example, we have a class...
Frans Kamp


15:18 Chamilo LMS Bug #7179 (Bug resolved): Chamilo 1.9.6: UserName = e-mail address , e-mail with" - " in it, impossible to change password
In the 1.96. version it is impossible for the student or teacher to change the password in the edit profile mode when... Frans Kamp

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