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  • Birthdate: 27/02/1986
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06:23 Chamilo LMS Bug #905: Some bugs in chamilo when migrated of 1862 to 187
Hasta el momento eh visto estos bug, adjunto un archivo zip de todas las capturas que realize. disculpen por no descr...


21:43 Chamilo LMS Feature #514: Exercises with content
Still lack the commit, check with ronny


18:50 Chamilo LMS Feature #877 (New): Develop a antispam system for the social network
Will be nice have a anti spam for the mail no wished, also allow to the users avoid possible stalkers.
18:03 Chamilo LMS Feature #514: Exercises with content
Also when the question are empty, the score box for all question type should be empty too. In this moment the multipl...
17:57 Chamilo LMS Feature #514: Exercises with content
I can't see the checkbox in the question pool, only is in the ADD QUESTION
When you said TRUE you mean than is alway...


14:56 Menu Feature #857 (Bug resolved): Make possible distinguish category and item in the menu
When create category and item is hard distinguish category and items
14:44 Admin Bug #853: In import user loss the content process
Also when import file, show a page in blank
14:34 Admin Bug #853 (Bug resolved): In import user loss the content process
First will be change the name of the link CREATE USER CSV, i think should be "IMPORT USER CSV"
Then the breadcrumb I...
14:16 Admin Bug #850 (Bug resolved): Bug in the link INFORMATION
In the DIAGNOSE, the last link about INFORMATION is showing in a new window the same page
13:00 Installation Feature #838 (Bug resolved): Link to see more information
When the installation is finished should be nice set a link to see more information about the installation.
for exam...

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