Stefaan Vanbillemont

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  • Country: Belgium
  • Birthdate: 30/08/1980
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Reported issues: 461


08:13 Courses Feature #6806 (New): Add tooltip when long content object description are cut off
Add a tooltip in all the publication tables (eg. Learning path, assessments, ..) when a long content object descripti...


14:59 Courses Bug #6380 (Bug resolved): Courses - Assessment: fatal error when viewing an assessment
See screenshot!


13:10 User Bug #6367 (New): My Account: tabs without settings
When navigating to My Account - User setting you will see tabs for all possible applications & external repositories ...
13:03 External Repositories Bug #6366 (New): Slideshare - Export tab: fatal error
13:02 External Repositories Bug #2943 (Bug resolved): error on using google docs (used to work before)
Retested and fixed.
12:59 External Repositories Bug #2772 (Bug resolved): Slideshare: error while selecting slideshow to publish
No longer an issue in C4
12:58 External Repositories Bug #6365 (Needs testing): GoogleDocs: fatal error
when trying to import a PDF version of a GoogleDocs file. See screenshot
12:56 External Repositories Bug #2771 (Bug resolved): Common: php fatal error while creating new external content objects
No longer an issue in C4
12:49 External Repositories Bug #2058 (Bug resolved): error on sorting according to date in external Google docs
Fixed in C4
11:27 Courses Translations #6364 (New): Courses - Administration: wrong translations
When course language is set to 'Dutch' - Course settings tabs are still in English. See screenshot.

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