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20:32 Courses Bug #7176 (New): Unable to save settings for Course Type
When trying to alter the settings for a Course Type, I get this error:
Fatal error: Call to undefined method applica...
Peter Van den Broeck


07:43 Installation Bug #7164 (New): Failure to update LCMS 3 to LCMS 4
I've followed the procedure described in the document with the download.
When I add the configuration.php from the L...
Peter Van den Broeck


22:02 Repository Feature #6567 (New): Set quota rights per user group, setting repository rights
If this is already possible, it is well hidden within the admin panel.
It would be eas in maintaing quota's if you c...
Peter Van den Broeck
21:59 Repository Feature #6566 (New): Publish or share category
It would be interesting to be able to publish an entire category (including it's subcategories) to a course or share ... Peter Van den Broeck


10:31 User Bug #6142 (New): Can't delete users in LCMS
You can't delete users as platform admin.
Included swf video to show result.
Peter Van den Broeck


11:20 Repository Bug #5835: Moving an object
Tried insafari, this is the error
Moving a learning path.
Fatal error: Call to a member function move() on a non-...
Peter Van den Broeck
09:55 Repository Bug #5835 (Needs more info): Moving an object
When trying to move an object from category to another i get the enclosed error.
Peter Van den Broeck


10:46 External Repositories Bug #5828 (Bug resolved): Docs imported from Google Drive are empty
We've set up a connection with Google Docs/Drive on the platform but imported Docs are empty.
Is this a bug or is th...
Peter Van den Broeck


11:44 Assessment Bug #5821 (New): Importing qti export from Chamilo 1.8.x doesn't work
Tried to add an exported qti-zip-file from Chamilo 1884 to my repository.
File comes out as faulty.
Added qti-zip-...
Peter Van den Broeck
11:42 Courses Bug #5820 (New): Can't import courses from CSV
I tried creating courses from a csv file. It showed up as processed but I the courses are not created.
I've added CS...
Peter Van den Broeck

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