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01:26 Chamilo LMS Bug #6821 (Needs more info): Foto del perfil
Needs more info. Diría que está abandonado y se cierre. Diego E
01:25 Chamilo LMS Bug #6735 (Bug resolved): Escape MySQL wildcards characters in admin > user list advanced search form
Done in 1.9.x Diego E


09:36 Chamilo LMS Revision ae5ab7fc (chamilo-lms): install: Print the full path of checked dirs
Print the full path of the directories checked by Chamilo installation
instead of just their pseudo–relative paths.
Diego E
04:28 Chamilo LMS Revision ed0c8775 (chamilo-lms): lib/messages.lib: Undefined variable warning
Diego E
04:28 Chamilo LMS Revision c8c6a21b (chamilo-lms): messages/outbox: Fix undefined var warnings
This code needs urgent refactoring. I just applied something similar to
what other files in this module are doing.
Diego E
04:25 Chamilo LMS Revision fe043a9c (chamilo-lms): user_list: Remove leftover error_log
Diego E
02:40 Chamilo LMS Bug #7023: Bootstrap input elements too narrow
I can't reproduce.
See screenshot.
Diego E
01:26 Chamilo LMS Revision ba18f0c7 (chamilo-lms): install: Fix indentation of install report
Diego E


10:29 Chamilo LMS Revision 0f2069fd (chamilo-lms): admin/settings: Fix undefined variable warnings
Diego E
09:34 Chamilo LMS Bug #7025: Missing strings in 1.9.x
Add [=ImportSessionDrhList=] too. Seen in main/admin. Diego E

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