Fernando Paredes Garcia





00:35 Chamilo LMS Feature #4074 (Bug resolved): Add a text at the end of a test
It works as expected! displays a message at the end of the test. It is up to the teacher to make the text more or les... Fernando Paredes Garcia
00:14 Chamilo LMS Bug #4624 (Bug resolved): edit notebook does not run well
I'm able to create and edit notes. Thanks! Fernando Paredes Garcia
00:02 Chamilo LMS Feature #4610: Add custom logged out page
Related to #4554. Still looking for a tester :) Fernando Paredes Garcia


23:57 Chamilo LMS Bug #4669 (Bug resolved): Duplicate ID clickable_email_link
Works like a charm! Fernando Paredes Garcia
23:48 Chamilo LMS Feature #4554: Add Shibboleth Authentication
As Laurent said, we need another test to confirm that the issue is resolved. Or at least have more details on the iss... Fernando Paredes Garcia
23:23 Chamilo LMS Bug #4591 (Feature implemented): Renommer le bouton "quitter" par "déconnexion"
Task included into: #4776 Fernando Paredes Garcia


23:34 Chamilo LMS 0.50 hour (Feature #875 (Feature implemented): SCORM resources are not deleted from the filesystem)
Testing Fernando Paredes Garcia
23:34 Chamilo LMS Feature #875 (Feature implemented): SCORM resources are not deleted from the filesystem
Tested in Ubuntu Linux and WinXP. Fernando Paredes Garcia
22:59 Chamilo LMS Bug #2438 (Rejected - Abandoned): Download Course Backup doen't work
Could not reproduce the bug. Fernando Paredes Garcia
22:57 Chamilo LMS Bug #2438: Download Course Backup doen't work
Just installed 1.8.8 in XAMPP Lite 1.7.3 (WinXP), created a course, then went to /main/admin/course_export.php and ex... Fernando Paredes Garcia

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