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09:16 Courses Feature #7187 (New): assessment settings in learning path
An assessment published in the assessment tool has settings so it can be taken only once.
When I publish that same...
dominique de guchtenaere


11:25 Courses Bug #7174 (New): assessment in course
I'm building an assessment, I click "Extra" - "Merge an assessment" and I get a fatal error.
Tested on both our own ...
dominique de guchtenaere


14:54 Repository Bug #6946: search in repository
I get this error when I search for a calendar event (in the repository, second search tab), in the central testing po... dominique de guchtenaere


16:00 Repository Bug #6946 (New): search in repository
When I want to search in my repository for a specific content object (calendar event) with a specific name, I get thi... dominique de guchtenaere


15:11 Assessment Bug #6881 (New): matrix question
In the matrix question, in the match windows, it's possible to add pictures. However they are not visible when stude... dominique de guchtenaere


10:42 Home Bug #6873 (New): block "Twitter"
Impossible to configure this block. After clicking the wheel, in the configuration window, in the dropdown menu "use... dominique de guchtenaere
10:34 Home Bug #6872 (New): block "Content"
Impossible to configure this block, clicking the wheel doesn't open any configuration settings dominique de guchtenaere
10:32 Home Bug #6871 (New): block "external website"
Impossible to configure this block, even when there is already a link or a webpage in the repository.
dominique de guchtenaere


12:23 Courses Usability #6684: assessment in learning path
update : bug set to usability
A user can see the results and the feedback of an assessment in the learning path, b...
dominique de guchtenaere


10:42 Repository Bug #6782 (New): SCORM import
Importing a SCORM zip file (version 1.2) in the repository gives a blank screen in the test portal as well as in the ... dominique de guchtenaere

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