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  • Birthdate: 27/03/1989
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20:40 Chamilo LMS Bug #8150: Layout bug
I'm using the latest version of Opera. The problem is the same with Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, which also use. Laki Mara
20:23 Chamilo LMS Bug #8150: Layout bug
In the Administration tab, in category "User list", does not shown icon (Picture 1).
In the Reporting tab, in sect...
Laki Mara


00:18 Chamilo LMS Bug #8150 (Bug resolved): Layout bug
1. Administration / User list
* Icons
2. Reporting tab
* Assigned courses
* Followed courses
* Followed sessions
Laki Mara
00:14 Chamilo LMS Bug #8149 (Bug resolved): Does not remember selected language
When you choose a portal language, for example "Srpski", and then choose "Izgubljena lozinka" selected language go ba... Laki Mara


12:35 Chamilo LMS Bug #8012 (Bug resolved): Allow learners to download directories
Learners can not pack and download a complete directory from the document tool, although the option "Allow learners t... Laki Mara

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