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15:28 Chamilo LMS Bug #8486: Registration
Using orginal files produces the error on CAPTCHA. If we disable CAPTCHA there is just a white screen - no error.
Paul Wolstencroft
14:55 Chamilo LMS Bug #8486: Registration
Thanks Julio,
Tried the fix but got the same balnk screen result. Just whaite screen at /main/auth/inscription.php
Paul Wolstencroft
11:46 Chamilo LMS Bug #8486: Registration
Thanks Julio,
Fatal error: Call to undefined method HTML_QuickForm_CAPTCHA::HTML_QuickForm_CAPTCHA() in /var/www/v...
Paul Wolstencroft


13:21 Chamilo LMS Bug #8486 (Needs testing): Registration
Worked through all of 1.11.2 with only one issue:
White screen when trying to register. (Same for both with and wi...
Paul Wolstencroft


20:47 Chamilo LMS Bug #8470: 1.11 issues
*You guys are fantastic!* Just realised that the tick box was there when we tried the fix but did not spot it *'doh'... Paul Wolstencroft
17:15 Chamilo LMS Bug #8470: 1.11 issues
Thanks Julio,
Tried Angel's fix but still got "Width must be a number". Followed your links and did some experime...
Paul Wolstencroft


20:10 Chamilo LMS Bug #8470: 1.11 issues
Thanks Julio. The issue is not so much with templates but when inserting a graphic as a full width header for all to... Paul Wolstencroft
12:34 Chamilo LMS Bug #8470: 1.11 issues
*Any answer on how to insert an image set to 100% (See jpg) please?* My trainer is now saying that no courses will l... Paul Wolstencroft
19:49 Chamilo LMS Bug #8481: Payments Plugin Currency dropdown
All works fine - tested on two installs with no issues.
Thank you Julio - dta tip noted Yannick. Thanks
Paul Wolstencroft
12:43 Chamilo LMS Bug #8481 (Bug resolved): Payments Plugin Currency dropdown
*Removed from comment on Bug #8470 and set up as new issue.*
When trying to set up a currency in the payment plugi...
Paul Wolstencroft

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