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08:32 Profiler Bug #1917 (Bug resolved): two 'profiler' tabs in navigation: confusing
In horizontal navigation are two tabs described as profiler. Thats confusing. They should be renamed.
By the way c...
Ralf Hilgenstock
08:25 Repository Usability #1916: Icon descriptions should be visible all the time
Same for edit icons in blocks at home page. Several people won't find them. Setting a page to edit mode with a button... Ralf Hilgenstock
08:23 Repository Usability #1916 (Bug resolved): Icon descriptions should be visible all the time
Descriptions for icons are mostly invisible until you are moving the mouse onto it. From a usability point of view th... Ralf Hilgenstock


22:22 Repository Usability #1914 (Bug resolved): Typo in Repository Variable and English Text
repository variable MetadataDutsch
The variable should be renamed to Dutch and the content to 'dutch'
Ralf Hilgenstock

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