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01:44 Chamilo LMS Revision 735511c0 (chamilo-lms): fixing locale inclusion for jQuery timeago
Since the locale is also in the asset folder...


11:34 Chamilo LMS Feature #8516 (New): Adding some nice rewrite conditions to main .htaccess
It would be nice to have the following rewrite conditions added to the base .htaccess, since it could be possible tha...


00:48 Chamilo LMS Feature #8359: Think about implementing h5p
Funny :-)
Well, and as stated on their website, it is not cheat-proof.
I have just written it down here, since i ...
23:44 Chamilo LMS Feature #8359 (New): Think about implementing h5p
I think, it speaks for itself.
Free, really usefull and even moodle is able to implement i...


08:07 Chamilo LMS Bug #8196: bbb not working anymore
Well, 0.8.x has some advantages (like the native Android app), but latest is 0.9.1.
(and 1.0-beta is also released)


00:52 Chamilo LMS Bug #8196: bbb not working anymore
Yes, again it's only a notice, but:...
13:31 Chamilo LMS Bug #8196 (Rejected - Abandoned): bbb not working anymore
Fresh install of Chamilo 1.10.4
Fresh install of bbb, latest as recommended via their wiki.
Both local, so there ...


12:42 Chamilo LMS Bug #8140 (Bug resolved): Can't delete users
Upgraded to 1.10.4 -> solved.


22:02 Chamilo LMS Bug #8140: Can't delete users
No. This is a fresh, clean install.
If you want, i can give you database and ftp access and you can look for yoursel...
20:32 Chamilo LMS Bug #8140 (Needs testing): Can't delete users
Changed the sql statement, still i get:...

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