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01:44 Chamilo LMS Revision 735511c0 (chamilo-lms): fixing locale inclusion for jQuery timeago
Since the locale is also in the asset folder... Alexander Hu


11:34 Chamilo LMS Feature #8516 (New): Adding some nice rewrite conditions to main .htaccess
It would be nice to have the following rewrite conditions added to the base .htaccess, since it could be possible tha... Alexander Hu


00:48 Chamilo LMS Feature #8359: Think about implementing h5p
Funny :-)
Well, and as stated on their website, it is not cheat-proof.
I have just written it down here, since i ...
Alexander Hu


23:44 Chamilo LMS Feature #8359 (New): Think about implementing h5p
I think, it speaks for itself.
Free, really usefull and even moodle is able to implement i...
Alexander Hu


08:07 Chamilo LMS Bug #8196: bbb not working anymore
Well, 0.8.x has some advantages (like the native Android app), but latest is 0.9.1.
(and 1.0-beta is also released)
Alexander Hu


00:52 Chamilo LMS Bug #8196: bbb not working anymore
Yes, again it's only a notice, but:... Alexander Hu


13:31 Chamilo LMS Bug #8196 (Rejected - Abandoned): bbb not working anymore
Fresh install of Chamilo 1.10.4
Fresh install of bbb, latest as recommended via their wiki.
Both local, so there ...
Alexander Hu


12:42 Chamilo LMS Bug #8140 (Bug resolved): Can't delete users
Upgraded to 1.10.4 -> solved. Alexander Hu


22:02 Chamilo LMS Bug #8140: Can't delete users
No. This is a fresh, clean install.
If you want, i can give you database and ftp access and you can look for yoursel...
Alexander Hu
20:32 Chamilo LMS Bug #8140 (Needs testing): Can't delete users
Changed the sql statement, still i get:...
Alexander Hu

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