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19:35 Chamilo LMS Feature #7931: Advanced attendances
Any progress on this one?
can we help $$$ to make this happen??
Opo Herrera
19:33 Chamilo LMS Feature #8536 (New): Extra field on Attendance Module
It will be nice to have an extra check box to register the Tardiness on Students. This should value 50% more that a r... Opo Herrera


13:39 Chamilo LMS Support #8333 (Rejected - Abandoned): Import Backup Problem
when I try to import any course backup I get the following error. (my LMS Version is (PHP 5.5.37)
Opo Herrera


17:55 Chamilo LMS Support #8259: Plataforma muy lenta
Hola Julio/Yannick!
uso este ticket para comentarles que mi chamilo portal desde la actualizacion a 1.10 (hoy hice l...
Opo Herrera


02:25 Chamilo LMS Bug #8204 (Rejected - Abandoned): After adding a new user i got the following error
after upgrading from 10.2 10.4 I cannot add a new user.
I changed the server status (From Production to server) in o...
Opo Herrera


13:23 Chamilo LMS Feature #7216 (New): Average User Rating score
Hi! it will be nice to have average user ratings (something like tripadvisor) where the student rate the content rele... Opo Herrera


23:17 Chamilo LMS Bug #7197 (New): slideshow option doesn't show on 1.9.8
did you guys remove the slideshow feature from the documents module?
after the 1.9.8 upgrade (which is awesome!!!) i...
Opo Herrera


15:09 Chamilo LMS Support #7175: Dashboard not working
Laura thank you very much, but where is the tutorial to find and understand those great features!! Opo Herrera


19:58 Chamilo LMS Support #7175: Dashboard not working
Hi Laura!
I am the administrator and I have courses, teachers and users on the platform.
Can you give me a hint.
Opo Herrera
17:44 Chamilo LMS Support #7175: Dashboard not working
Adding Dashboard plugins configuration screenshot Opo Herrera

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