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Reported issues: 66


11:03 Chamilo LMS Bug #7726 (Bug resolved): Attached file problem in forum
There is some display problem for attached files in a forum message.
See capture.


16:48 Chamilo LMS Bug #7491: Previsualization shows hidden files
Works fine.


14:47 Chamilo LMS Support #7643: Problème de parcours
essaie en 1.9.10, version qui règle pas mal de soucis.


14:21 Chamilo LMS Bug #7583: Broken survey reporting tools
fixed. tks


04:08 Chamilo LMS Bug #7495: Ipad view problem
This is teacher's view. Student's view is normal.


09:55 Chamilo LMS Bug #7607: Broken wiki
I'm talking about files in /main/wiki.
09:53 Chamilo LMS Bug #7607 (Bug resolved): Broken wiki
Wiki can't be edited by users anymore (pen icon isn't visible anymore).
Reverting all three PHP files back to the 1....


14:07 Chamilo LMS Bug #7584: Links in learnpath
If noone can reproduce, maybe we can delete this one.
It actually seems to work fine.


08:08 Chamilo LMS Bug #7584 (Rejected - Abandoned): Links in learnpath
Links integrated to learnpaths don't seem to work any longer. Clicking on one results in a blank page.
08:07 Chamilo LMS Bug #7583 (Bug resolved): Broken survey reporting tools
All 3 following reporting tools are broken :

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