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17:11 Chamilo LMS Feature #1538: Allow arbitrary long questions
August is over, indeed. But here comes the database migration script - please consider the attached patch. Simon Legner


21:18 Chamilo LMS Bug #2185: Resizing of hotspot images
Please consider the attached example: The image doesn't get resized at all and is cropped. Simon Legner
18:04 Chamilo LMS Bug #2185 (Bug resolved): Resizing of hotspot images
The resizing of hotspot images didn't work correctly, i.e. sometimes the aspect ratio was not preserved (e.g. for ver... Simon Legner
17:21 Chamilo LMS Feature #2184 (Bug resolved): Add shortcuts for hotspot editing
When editing hotspot questions often the question shall be modified. To simplify this task some shortcuts can be adde... Simon Legner


09:12 Chamilo LMS Feature #1538: Allow arbitrary long questions
I'm going on two weeks of vacation tomorrow. I'll check the database migration script in August, if the issue is stil... Simon Legner


17:27 Chamilo LMS Feature #1538: Allow arbitrary long questions
Sorry, I attached the wrong file ... Simon Legner
17:25 Chamilo LMS Feature #1538 (Feature implemented): Allow arbitrary long questions
To use arbitrary long question titles I modified the database schema a little bit. See the attached patch for details... Simon Legner


16:15 Chamilo LMS Bug #1450: HTMLPurifier taking too much memory in forum
The same happened in the Quiz module to me. It seems to be working after an update to version 4.1.1 of HTMLPurifier [... Simon Legner

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