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Reported issues: 4


10:42 Courses Bug #6393 (Needs testing): Repository - Shared with me: copying multiple objects fail
Seems to work. Is probably tested on the HoGent migration test installation, that doesn't have access to the physical...


14:14 Portfolio Bug #6386 (Needs testing): [UPGRADE V3 - V4] No upgrader for the BookmarkDisplay block
14:09 Home Bug #6385 (Needs testing): [UPGRADE V3 - V4] No upgrader for the Static block


15:23 Assessment Bug #5127 (Needs more info): results in assessment application
Tested this and it works.
Could you attach the assessment so we can import and test it?


13:35 Courses Bug #5045 (Needs testing): JMM: Courses: Course category emptied & deleted when editing the name ...


14:04 Repository Bug #5086: ckeditor: problems with embedded content objects
Fixed the links problem, rss remains open


13:51 Courses Feature #5084 (Bug resolved): add right for single complex content object
The add right is intended to add publications. The glossary list is a complex content object where you can't add 'pub...


15:15 Courses Bug #5033 (Assigned): It's not possible to change the course group description


14:55 Courses Bug #2838 (Needs testing): Calendar: first day of the week not correct
13:39 Courses Bug #5004 (Bug resolved): javascript 404 in list view

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