Jose Manuel Abuin Mosquera

  • Country: Spain
  • Birthdate: 26/12/1982
  • Registered on: 05/04/2010
  • Last connection: 26/02/2013



Reported issues: 13


01:27 Chamilo LMS Revision c9419f91 (chamilo-lms): Possibly fixed survey questions count error - refs #5567


16:25 Chamilo LMS Revision 7e4d8b80 (chamilo-lms): Fixed call to editUserHelper in webservices - refs #5730


14:52 Chamilo LMS Bug #5730 (Bug resolved): Error in EditUser webservice
I am developing an integration MediaWiki - Chamilo using webservices and I think there is a mistake in file...


13:29 Chamilo LMS Bug #5720 (Bug resolved): Events en course calendar dissapearing
From a few weeks ago we noticed in our Chamilo 1.9.2 platform that some events in some courses were dissapearing.


10:04 Chamilo LMS Bug #5529: Filling survey sent by email. Not showing questions
Thanks for your confidence Yannick and Julio :)
Jan, if the code doesn't work for you, just report here adding som...


12:38 Chamilo LMS Bug #5666: Error getting groups from course
Indeed Julio, now it's working fine with your fix :)
I am sorry, I didn't check if somebody already reported this ...
12:10 Chamilo LMS Bug #5666 (Bug resolved): Error getting groups from course
Chamilo version: 1.9.2
When you want to add a new appointment in the agenda and you select the "To" field, you can...
08:25 Chamilo LMS Bug #5656: Imposible eliminar documentos recibidos en dropbox
Hi all,
this was happening to me in version 1.9.0, now we updated to 1.9.2 and I see it is happening again.
I "so...


15:47 Chamilo LMS Bug #5591 (Bug resolved): List of users invited to a survey
When clicking on the link for viewing wich users answered or are invited to a survey, it's showing a lot of users who...


19:25 Chamilo LMS Bug #5567 (Bug resolved): Number of questions in survey list
when listing surveys from a course, the number of questions per survey is wrong, it is showing incredible n...

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