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Project Date User Activity Issue Comment Hours
Chamilo LMS 05/02/2015 Alex Aragon Support Feature #7408: Upgrade pChart to 2.x version 0.02 Actions
Chamilo LMS 17/08/2012 Luis Jeremias Saavedra Bendezu Development Bug #5325: Listado de publicaciones en el foro no contestados 0.04 Actions
Chamilo LMS 09/04/2014 Daniel Barreto Support Feature #6373: Spam Prevention - Captcha in registration page 0.05 Actions
Chamilo LMS 02/08/2010 Yannick Warnier Support Support #1799: Who uses the CLI_INSTALLATION constant in main/install/ 0.05 Actions
Chamilo LMS 07/09/2011 Bryan Fuertes Malca Support Bug #1322: List view in assessments 0.06 Actions
Chamilo LMS 23/03/2015 Imanol Losada Support Bug #7586: Learning path always have a warning: Learners cannot see this learning path 0.07 Actions
Chamilo LMS 25/07/2012 Julio Montoya Development Bug #4069: Import of sessions via XML doesn't work 0.08 Actions
Chamilo LMS 08/09/2011 Bryan Fuertes Malca Support Bug #3881: Resultados en ejercicios 0.08 Actions
Chamilo LMS 18/04/2015 Yannick Warnier Design Bug #7608: [] Display previous attempt test button result in blank popup Added more information 0.10 Actions
Chamilo LMS 11/11/2014 Arturo Mora-Soto Design Support #7389: OpenBadges Use Case diagram with high-level features Use case diagram 0.10 Actions
Chamilo LMS 28/05/2012 Julio Montoya Design Bug #4381: plugin BigBlueButton 0.10 Actions
Chamilo LMS 13/04/2014 Yannick Warnier Development Feature #6599: Copy tasks definition in course copy ignore - test edit for redmine migration 0.10 Actions
Chamilo LMS 02/04/2013 Yannick Warnier Development Bug #6063: little typo Fixed typo in translation 0.10 Actions
Chamilo LMS 28/03/2013 Cesar Perales Development Bug #6045: Recycling course - deleting one document doesn't work 0.10 Actions
Chamilo LMS 25/01/2013 Julio Montoya Development Bug #5904: In assignement tool, the TITLE replace the filename when try to download 0.10 Actions
Chamilo LMS 23/01/2013 Julio Montoya Development Bug #5705: Security::check_abs_path function has $_configuration['symbolic_course_folder_abs'] not set 0.10 Actions
Chamilo LMS 31/12/2012 Julio Montoya Development Feature #5716: Enable exercise report by category 0.10 Actions
Chamilo LMS 19/12/2012 Julio Montoya Development Feature #5832: Finish test button should be orange 0.10 Actions
Chamilo LMS 18/12/2012 Julio Montoya Development Bug #5814: Exercice importé - correction impossible => score à 0 0.10 Actions
Chamilo LMS 13/12/2012 Julio Montoya Development Bug #5819: Missing academic title field in user registration 0.10 Actions
Chamilo LMS 04/12/2012 Julio Montoya Development Bug #5757: Suppresion en lot ne fonctionne plus 0.10 Actions
Chamilo LMS 04/12/2012 Julio Montoya Development Bug #5777: Cannot delete all group with menu in 0.10 Actions
Chamilo LMS 26/11/2012 Julio Montoya Development Bug #5576: GRB - Long question title hide result and spread below title box 0.10 Actions
Chamilo LMS 19/11/2012 Julio Montoya Development Bug #5720: Events en course calendar dissapearing 0.10 Actions
Chamilo LMS 19/11/2012 Julio Montoya Development Bug #3877: User's language still used after disabling 0.10 Actions
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