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Project Date User Activity Issue Comment Hours
Chamilo LMS 01/08/2012 Julio Montoya Support Bug #5284: Wrong Chamilo version ( suggested if you click on Administration > Version check 0.10 Actions
Chamilo LMS 16/07/2012 Julio Montoya Support Bug #5179: Exercise report: Process time for function get_exam_results_data is slow 0.10 Actions
Chamilo LMS 03/07/2012 Julio Montoya Support Bug #4901: Move auth/ config files to main/inc/conf/ 0.10 Actions
Chamilo LMS 08/06/2012 Julio Montoya Support Bug #4648: Chamilo19Alpha4 - Admin account issue 0.10 Actions
Chamilo LMS 25/05/2012 Julio Montoya Support Feature #4597: Search course plugin 0.10 Actions
Chamilo LMS 25/04/2012 Julio Bonifacio Aliaga Support Bug #4490: La barra de acceso rápido no aparece al activarse 0.10 Actions
Chamilo LMS 05/10/2011 Julio Montoya Support Bug #3950: Social network's groupe strange behaviour 0.10 Actions
Chamilo LMS 16/01/2011 Marco Villegas Support Bug #1956: Username and email required at password reminder 0.10 Actions
Chamilo LMS 08/09/2011 Bryan Fuertes Malca Support Bug #3881: Resultados en ejercicios 0.08 Actions
Chamilo LMS 23/03/2015 Imanol Losada Support Bug #7586: Learning path always have a warning: Learners cannot see this learning path 0.07 Actions
Chamilo LMS 07/09/2011 Bryan Fuertes Malca Support Bug #1322: List view in assessments 0.06 Actions
Chamilo LMS 09/04/2014 Daniel Barreto Support Feature #6373: Spam Prevention - Captcha in registration page 0.05 Actions
Chamilo LMS 02/08/2010 Yannick Warnier Support Support #1799: Who uses the CLI_INSTALLATION constant in main/install/ 0.05 Actions
Chamilo LMS 05/02/2015 Alex Aragon Support Feature #7408: Upgrade pChart to 2.x version 0.02 Actions
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