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Project Date User Activity Issue Comment Hours
Chamilo LMS 21/02/2013 Yannick Warnier Design Feature #5974: Amélioration de l'outil 'Travaux' Discussing proposed feature 0.35 Actions
Chamilo LMS 18/12/2015 Alex Aragon Design Bug #8004: Site headers appear when answering linked forum in LP Correcion de scroll item forum 0.32 Actions
Chamilo LMS 11/02/2014 Julio Montoya Design Bug #6976: scorm.css file missing for some themes 0.30 Actions
Chamilo LMS 05/08/2014 Yannick Warnier Design Bug #6713: Missing features in Chamilo v2 Updating list of v10 features to watch 0.20 Actions
Chamilo LMS 08/09/2014 Julio Montoya Design Bug #7244: Doublons dans le dossier Documents 0.15 Actions
Chamilo LMS 16/02/2015 Julio Montoya Design Feature #7522: data/ directory in root dir to store system images 0.15 Actions
Chamilo LMS 26/09/2014 Yannick Warnier Design Feature #7297: Add CSRF token to course backup import method Registering task 0.13 Actions
Chamilo LMS 15/05/2012 Yannick Warnier Design Bug #1599: sessions and tools behaviours Comment 0.13 Actions
Chamilo LMS 28/05/2012 Julio Montoya Design Bug #4381: plugin BigBlueButton 0.10 Actions
Chamilo LMS 18/04/2015 Yannick Warnier Design Bug #7608: [] Display previous attempt test button result in blank popup Added more information 0.10 Actions
Chamilo LMS 11/11/2014 Arturo Mora-Soto Design Support #7389: OpenBadges Use Case diagram with high-level features Use case diagram 0.10 Actions
Chamilo LMS 14/10/2014 Imanol Losada Development Feature #7225: Plugin: Announcements sendable by SMS Considering development and bug fixing time, I spent more than two weeks 50.00 Actions
Chamilo LMS 28/07/2011 Alberto Torreblanca Development Feature #3116: Mini panel para el Learning path Horas totales invertidas. 40.00 Actions
Chamilo LMS 05/01/2014 Yannick Warnier Development Feature #5491: Apache OpenMeetings videoconference - Plugin to connect to Chamilo Direct personal work on plugin integration directly (not counting Francis time) 30.00 Actions
Chamilo LMS 23/06/2014 Yannick Warnier Development Support #6173: Packaging 1.9.8 Re-packaging of (undefined langvars) + juju charm documentation and testing over the week-end 21.75 Actions
Chamilo LMS 18/04/2014 Francis Gonzales Development Feature #6715: Integrate embedded support tickets management as a plugin 20.00 Actions
Chamilo LMS 30/05/2014 Francis Gonzales Development Feature #5464: Módulo de PayPal en Chamilo 18.00 Actions
Chamilo LMS 10/05/2013 Julio Montoya Development Feature #5875: Upgrade to CKEditor 14.00 Actions
Chamilo LMS 25/01/2015 Yannick Warnier Development Support #7325: Packaging 1.9.10 Packaging 1.9.10 + Marketing 1.9.10 preparation 13.44 Actions
Chamilo LMS 27/05/2014 Francis Gonzales Development Feature #5464: Módulo de PayPal en Chamilo 13.00 Actions
Chamilo LMS 18/04/2014 Yannick Warnier Development Support #6173: Packaging 1.9.8 Revisión de tareas y empaquetamiento 1.9.8 alpha 12.49 Actions
Chamilo LMS 27/12/2012 Yannick Warnier Development Support #5742: Packaging 1.9.4 Reviewing, finishing, moving and closing tasks 12.10 Actions
Chamilo LMS 27/11/2014 Alejandro Gallardo Development Feature #7344: Mejorar el filtrado de usuarios y grupos en la red social 12.00 Actions
Chamilo LMS 22/04/2011 Yannick Warnier Development Support #2822: Chamilo 1.8.8 beta packaging Finished packaging 1.8.8 beta 11.80 Actions
Chamilo LMS 19/05/2012 Yannick Warnier Development Bug #4511: get_lang() doesn't manage well empty translations Reviewing this (0.5) and other tasks for beta release 10.55 Actions
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