Official providers validation rules

Becoming an effective member

Before becoming official providers, organizations must

Passing the exam

  • at least two employees have to pass it with minimum 70%
  • 50 questions (10 * 5 types)
  • there is a registration cost for the exam, of 50€/person, which is covered by the membership fee. Would the person taking the exam fail, this registration cost has to be paid to the association account, with "exam fee - [name of company] - [name of person]" in order to pass the exam again. Each attempt is separated by a minimum of 30 days. The registration cost covers the work implied by the revision of the exam's results by the secretary.


The wannabe official provider has to provide one of the following (as a minimum)

  • 20 pages original documentation in English
  • 50 pages localized translation of existing documentation
  • one considerably modified style (involves at least 100 modified lines in CSS from existing styles)
  • one new plugin (minimum of 50 lines, real added value)
  • a modification to an existing plugin (real added value)

This contribution is not considered part of the retribution system.
We estimate that a reasonable contribution should represent an equivalent of 40 hours of work by someone already knowing Chamilo relatively well.


After the first acceptation as official provider, the proof has to be made, each year, that the official provider wants to contribute to the project, so the same requirements have to be confirmed again, each year.

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