How to create a local group


The Chamilo Association recognizes the benefits of having local representation, both in terms of active promotion and in terms of collecting more local members. As such, it recognizes and encourages the creation of local communities under a certain set of conditions which are defined below.


As a local group, you will act pro-actively to promote Chamilo and organize events open to all. Before getting the approval of the association, you will have to provide a plan of action for the year of existence of your local group, with expected costs. This plan will be reviewed by the Association's board of directors and, if approved, we will move on to the next step (keep reading)

Regarding events:
  • You may ask for previous registration in order to maintain a minimum level of security
  • You may ask for an entry fee, but at least one of your annual events should be free
  • Any event organized must be communicated to the association (), along with entry fees asked and the program of speeches or general program of what you are proposing
  • To be considered an official events, you must have and demonstrate expectations of at least 20 people visiting the event
  • E-mail addresses of all participants must be asked for (but they have a right to refuse) and all provided e-mails must be sent to the association ()
Other responsibilities:
  • You must have (or open) a bank account with possibilities of international transactions in order to collaborate with us. Part of our financial contribution can be used for that if necessary (in that case, it has to be reported).
  • All money from subscriptions made by new members directly to your local group must be sent in a maximum period of 1 month. New members will only be published as new members when the money reaches our account, so you will have to build on your reputation and trust in order to remain a reliable local group. This is a critical aspect of your local group recognition. If we realize that there is any doubt about your honesty in transferring all the funds collected from new members, we will terminate our agreement at once and indicate it clearly on our website.
  • You must provide access to a shared Google Docs spreadsheet to the association () so it can review your management of the association's money. Ideally, this "live" account report should be available (for reading, not editing) to all members, but we understand it might be complicated to manage for many members. Having it accessible to the association's account is mandatory, though.
  • All members of the group must be 18 years old or more.
  • All founding members of a group will have to have a videoconference interview with our Communications director in order to check their motives and their existence as members of the Chamilo community.


  • As a local group, the Chamilo Association might contribute to the group's specific organizational costs for events or promotion material. A plan should be sent to the association with expected costs and desired financial contribution to the association, and the association's board will review the request during its monthly meetings.
  • As a local group, any new subscription as a member of the association will cost 25€, of which you will be entitled to keep 20% (=5€) for further expenses of the local group (this is not a personal commission, it is a group commission which has to be used in the context of Chamilo promotion).
  • All official events organized by your group, provided sufficient planning (at least 2 months before the event) will be published on the Chamilo website and in the Chamilo newsletter, under the "events" section.
  • Your local group will be published in a special "Local groups" page on the Chamilo website.


Step 1: Registration

To become an official Chamilo group, you have to:

Format for registration:

  Name, e-mail and telephone of 1st member: 
  Name, e-mail and telephone of 2nd member:
  Name, e-mail and telephone of 3rd member:
  Name of local group: 
  Official postal address of local group:
  Official postal e-mail of local group:
  Presentation of local group:
    Example: We are a group of teachers and web developers who got involved in Chamilo through our work. We think it is a great learning platform and we think there is a potential of recruiting more members and growing the community locally, so that we can organize events and promote Chamilo to more people. We have positive relationships with universities X, Y , Z and companies A, B, C, which we think will be the first to perceive the benefits of the presence of a local group...
  Plan of activities:
    We plan to develop the following activities during the coming year:
      - open and free workshops event in University X of city B in May 2012, with expected attendance of 200 teachers. Expected cost: 200€. Expected revenue from certificates and sponsorship: 250€. Expected new members subscribed: 10
      - open and paid event with international conferences in Company Z, city Y in October 2012 with expected attendance of 80 professionals. Entry fee: 20€. Expected cost: 800€. Expected revenue: 1600€. Expected new members subscribed: 5.
      - open and free event in College X, city Z, about technology and education
      - group activity to translate Chamilo to local dialect. Expected cost: 200€. Expected revenue: 0€.
      - permanent technology center in city Z with monthly Chamilo workshops. Workshop fee: 5€. Cost: 3000€. Revenue: 3000€. Expected new members subscribed: 50.
  Financial contribution kindly requested to the association: 200€, for organization costs previous to first event and maintenance of technology center.
  We all agree with the terms specified on on the date: DD/MM/YYYY.

This e-mail has to be sent to , with all three members e-mail addresses in copy (to acknowledge agreement from all of them):
CC: , ,
Subject: Proposal for local group constitution

Step 2: Approval

The Chamilo Association's Board of Directors will review your proposal and might contact you for further information. The Chamilo Association will give you an answer in a maximum period of 30 days. The answer might be negative and does not specifically have to be publicly justified.

Step 3: Payment

If approved, an association's representative will ask you for banking details to send the financial contribution to your group's planned activities for the next 12 months.

Step 4: Reporting

You will have to open a financial and activities spreadsheet in Google Doc and share it with the association, which will have the right to publish it if considered reasonnable. You will update this spreadsheet at least once every 3 months.
At the end of the year of activity, you will send a report to the association and indicate whether you want to proceed for an additional year or not (in which case you will have to submit a similar proposal of activities).


  • Day -30: we (=the Association's Board of Directors) receive your proposal
  • Day 0: we approve or disapprove your proposal, and specify how much we will contribute
  • Day 10: we send you the financial contribution
  • Day 90: we expect your first report
  • Day 180: we expect your second report
  • Day 270: we expect your third report
  • Day 360: we expect your final report

At any time, we can emit suggestions or remarks which for which you must acknowledge receipt. Failure by you to report receiving the note will force us to indicate your group as not respecting our agreement on the Chamilo website.

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