Howto become an official provider

Becoming an effective member

Before becoming official providers, organizations must

  • be registered as member of the Chamilo Association (which implies a financial contribution from 500€ to 6000€ per year, depending on your company size)
  • be a company (at this point, the association considers individual/freelance members cannot single-handedly represent the Chamilo association in a way that is reliable enough)

Passing the exam

  • employees have to pass it with minimum 75%. For small-size companies: 1 employee has to pass the exam; for medium-size companies: 2 employees have to pass the exam; for large-size companies: 3 employees have to pass the exam.
  • 50 questions (split into 5 categories), to be passed in 45 minutes time
  • the first attempt is free. After that, there is a registration cost of 50€/person for the exam, payable to the association's account with the mention: exam fee - [name of company] - [name of person]. Would the person taking the exam fail again, this registration cost has to be paid to the association's account again, each time. The registration cost covers the work implied by the revision of the exam's results by the secretary and the corresponding recommendations for the second attempt.


The wannabe official provider should provide something similar to one of the following (as a minimum) every year:

  • 50 pages original documentation in English, under Creative Commons BY-SA license
  • 80 pages carefully translated existing documentation, under Creative Commons BY-SA license
  • one considerably modified style (involves at least 100 modified lines in CSS from existing styles), under Creative Commons BY-SA license or GNU/FDL
  • one new plugin (minimum of 200 lines, real added value), GPLv3-licensed
  • a modification to an existing plugin (real added value), GPLv3-licensed
  • 20 patches to existing bugs in the software

This is expected to represent roughly 40 man hours of work (every year) that you contribute to the Chamilo Association, under white label.

Extending your official provider license

After the first acceptation as official provider, the proof has to be made, each year, that the official provider wants to contribute to the project, so the same (almost) requirements have to be confirmed again, each year. The exam itself will be adapted each year to ensure the official providers keep up to date with the Chamilo software's and Association's evolution.

Geographical scope of registration

As per a board of directors decision early in the definition of the title of official provider, there is no territorial or geographic limitation to the activities of official providers. Any provider from any country can serve any customer from any country. We recommend to our official providers being clear about the area that they intend to serve as a matter of clarity for potential customers, but this is not in any way a limitation of their allowed range of services.

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