Sortable Tables

If we want to implement ajax into several actions that don't need visualization like delete, move up, move down... we will have to implement ajax/javascript into our sortable tables as well to update the data without the need to reload the entire page.


  • Every non visual action should be replaced by an ajax action, but at the same time work as a normal action
  • When working as an ajax action the component should not redirect
  • When an ajax action has been executed the sortable table's data should be updated

Some ideas

  • The sortable table should provide both an html output and a xml output with only the data
    • The html output will be used to display the normal components
    • The xml output will be used to return the raw data and put them with use of javascript in the table
  • We could use the regular components and provide an extra parameter called ajax = 1 to determine which output should be generated

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