Rights in weblcms


  • Create a location tree for the weblcms with all the components
  • Create a subtree for all the courses
  • For each course, create a subtree with
    • The course as root
    • The tools
    • The publication categories
    • The publications
  • Subscriptions
    • Subscribe with subscription table or with a view right on the course in the courses subtree
    • No subscribe as teacher / student
    • A student gets no rights in the specific course tree
    • A student gets all rights in the specific course tree

Necessary changes

  • Change the subscription method to not use the status anymore
  • Create a simple system to give a user the teacher / student template
  • Check for the correct rights in each tool / publication category / publication

Possible rights

  • View
  • Create
  • Update
  • Delete
  • Feedback?

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