Upcoming meetings

Code sprint (22/03/2011 > 24/02/2011)



  • 22/03/2011
  • 23/03/2011
  • 24/03/2011

Each day from roughly 9h30 untill 16h00.


Erasmus University College Brussels
Building A - 3rd Floor
Nijverheidskaai 170
1070 Anderlecht (Brussels - Belgium)



  • No lunch provided
  • Student restaurant is open
  • No need to bring your own network cables or power extension cords


  • Unification of platform-wide AJAX calls
    A basic manager is available to do AJAX calls in a uniform (OO) way. This has been implemented in a few places, but far from everywhere.
  • Distributed architecture / configuration for our integrated HTML editor
    Different packages and contexts can have different requirements as far as the available options in the HTML Editor are concerned. Following our own architecture, the configuration of said editor should be customizable per package as well.
  • Static page content
    One of the things keeping us from actually using Chamilo 2 for regular websites is the lack of some kind of "static" page application, based on objects but which is, for the end user, not seen as an application. It should fully integrate into the platform menu-structure. More details and discussion on the code sprint.
  • Metadata / context linker integration into the core
    The people at VUB did a terrific job implementing a metadata / context linking application for Chamilo 2. This opens up a world of possibilities for content, users and groups. As a final push forward this would have to be integrated into the core. While not that hard in theory, doing it together during a code sprint (perhaps combined with a little "education" on the concept of the application and metadata itsel) would be benificial to all.
  • Handbook integration
    Pretty much the same as the previous topic, but for the handbook application developed by the VUB-team ...
  • Package Manager
    A package manager is being developed to easily distribute new versions of packages. Progress report and brainstorm / discussion on how far we want to or should go with this.
  • Anonymous access to Chamilo 2
    At this moment a user still HAS to be logged on to be able to do anything. Different approaches exist to allow people access in an anonymous way. We should try to figure out which approach we want and how we can implement it as easily as possible.
  • WebLCMS
    Some structural issues remain, management of courses and the courses themselves is somewhat intermixed and then there's also the matter of the course types. We should discuss how we can fix these issues once and for all and keep the WebLCMS from becoming the ugly duckling of our family.
    + weblcms mixes two right systems, we should discuss how we can change that to just the one system.
  • Tracking and Reporting
    Structural overview and verification of platform-wide tracking and reporting.
  • Communication
    How to streamline / unify / improve communication
  • Streaming media integration Erasmus
    Basic outline and information about the streaming project, technologies involved and required functionality.

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