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h1. Migration Dokeos 185 to Chamilo 20 - Users 

 h2. General 

 * Migrates the users from dokeos 185 to chamilo 2.0 
 * Extension of MigrationBlock 

 h2. Files involved 

 * /migration/platform/dokeos185/migration_block/users_migration_block.class.php 
 * /migration/platform/dokeos185/data_class/dokeos185_user.class.php 

 h2. Block prerequisites Prerequisites 


 h2. Data classes 

 * Dokeos185User 

 h2. Dokeos185User 

 h3. General information 

 * Extension of Dokeos185MigrationDataClass 
 * Database: main_database 
 * Table: user 

 h3. Validation method 

 1. Required Fields 

 * Username 
 * Password 
 * Status 

 2. For each username that is already used in the new platform, generate a new username 

 h3. Convert method 

 1. Create a new user with the data class fields 
 2. Create a profile for some of the data class fields (phone, ...) 
 3. Create documents in the repository from the user's productions 

 h2. Issues/Problems/Suggestions 

 * Implement user fields 
 * Dokeos 1.8.5 passwords are md5 encrypted. So they cannot be migrated. If authentication is on platform level then a mail needs to be sent to migrated users to reset their password. 

 Please report all problem by creating a new issue in the 2.0 issue list [] 

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