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Migration Dokeos 185 to Chamilo 20 - Users

Files involved

  • /migration/platform/dokeos185/dokeos185_user.class.php
  • /migration/lib/migration_manager/component/inc/wizard/users_migration_wizard_page.class.php

Validation method

1. Retrieve all old users from Dokeos 1.8.5
2. Check if all old users have:
  • username
  • password
  • status

3. For each username that is already used in the new platform, generate a new username

Convert method

1. Create new user object
2. Set all user fields
3. Set authentication method (if available on the new platform)
4. Copy user picture (if available) to the /files/userpictures/ subfolder
5. Create/Publish Profile object if specific fields are filled (phone,etc...)
6. Convert Production files to Content objects in repository
7. Create a new category in repository (profile/user_id)


  • Implement user fields
  • Dokeos 1.8.5 passwords are md5 encrypted. So they cannot be migrated. If authentication is on platform level then a mail needs to be sent to migrated users to reset their password.

Please report all problem by creating a new issue in the 2.0 issue list []

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