Migration Dokeos 185 to Chamilo 20 - Personal Agenda


  • Migrates the personal agendas from dokeos 185 to chamilo 2.0
  • Extension of MigrationBlock

Files involved

  • /migration/platform/dokeos185/migration_block/personal_agendas_migration_block.class.php
  • /migration/platform/dokeos185/data_class/dokeos185_personal_agenda.class.php

Block prerequisites

  • Users migration block


General information

  • Extension of Dokeos185MigrationDataClass
  • Database: main_user_personal_database
  • Table: personal_agenda

Validation method

1. Required Fields
  • user/owner (retrieved with id reference)
  • date
  • title or description

Convert method

1. Create new calendar event object with the data class fields
2. Publish calendar event in the personal calendar


Please report all problem by creating a new issue in the 2.0 issue list []

  • For the title field we have to extract the html code out of the text and then take the 20 first characters
  • Extra format of the code, id reference check in the is_valid method is required

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