Friday Sessions

Before the release of the beta of Chamilo 2.0 we will organize 10 Friday afternoon test sessions. Every week we will focus on a specific part of the software.
We will all meet at the IRC of Chamilo ( to communicate and will use the issue tracker to report bugs and issues ( Each session will start at 13h and will stop at 15h (GMT+1).

For each part of the software that will be tested we will provide a list with “testable features”. That way we hope to offer a scenario/flow to accompany you during the test session and try to prevent that features remain untested. The list with features will be posted on the Chamilo 2.0 wiki each week (

All testing will happen on the Chamilo 2.0 demo platform ( That way we can create, share and communicate on the same platform. Each week we will reinstall the demo2 test platform with the latest code. Don’t forget to re-register your account!

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