Dynamic Forms

There is a great need for a more dynamic system. Some people will need some extra values for the user account, some people will use it in additional applications. In fact we are already using it in the settings for the administration. We should provide a basic framework for dynamic forms.

The required fields

  • Text Field
  • Radio Button
  • Checkbox
  • Html Editor
  • Select Field

The database tables

  • Form
    • Id
    • Formname
  • FormField
    • Id
    • FormId
    • Fieldname
    • Type
    • Required
  • FormFieldOption
    • Id
    • FormFieldId
    • Option
    • OptionOrder
  • FormFieldValue
    • Id
    • FormFieldId
    • Value
    • UserId
    • Time

Some ideas

  • Use a drag and drop system to drag components to the form

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