Database Conventions

As it is the case with the code we also need some conventions about the database. The following list provides a set of rules which improve the readability / performance of the database


  • Table names
    • Should always start with the prefix of the application (ex: user_)
    • Should always be in lowercase with underscores (ex: user_user)
  • Field names
    • Should always be in lowercase with underscores (ex: start_time)
    • When the field is referencing to another table the postfix id should be added (ex: user_id)


  • The field should always be in the datatype that uses the minimum amount of space on the system. (ex: use a boolean instead of a tinyint with 1 length)
  • When using text fields we should decide what the specific length will be
    • No length: use a text field
    • Length bigger then 255 characters: use a varchar
    • Length smaller or equal to 255 characters: use a char


  • Put indexes on all the primary keys
  • Put indexes on all the reference fields
  • Put indexes to a combination of fields when this combination is used in a query that is called a lot or in a lot of queries.

Performance tips

  • Sometimes a de-normalized table is faster then a normalized table.
  • The order of your fields is important. Always start with your smallest data types and put the columns that are text based on the last columns

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