Advanced element finder

Current situation

The current element finder is a javascript based selection box for users / groups / objects ... It has the following features:

  • Elements are retrieved with the use of ajax and an xml feed.
  • It is possible to search in the elements list.
  • When an element is clicked the element moves to the selected elements list.
  • It is possible to have nested elements (groups, subgroups etc) and select a parent element.
  • It is possible to have multiple entities if the element finder xml feed supports this.

The issues

There are a few issues when using the element finder:

  • In large systems the element finder has too much elements and therefore can not show all the elements.
    • To avoid this problem we need to search for elements but this is to restrictive for end users since they want some more guidance when finding users / groups
    • Adding '***' to the element finder shows all the elements and breaks the element finder if a lot of elements are in the xml feed.
  • It is not possible to select multiple users with either the ctrl or shift keys because every element is selected automatically when clicked.
  • There is no way to filter the elements except for the search box.

The proposal

We could change the element finder by adding the following features:

  • Introduce an add / remove button for items.
  • Introduce the possibility for multiple select of items
  • Add the possibility to use multiple types of elements to search from (each with their own xml feed instead of now where these are all provided in the same xml feed)
  • Add a set of combo boxes to provide a filter on the elements.
  • Only show direct children of the elements
  • (Limited) previews of the elements which can be added
  • Make elements searchable based on specific properties (e.g. for users: email, username, group memberships, ... for individual content object properties: link, start date, etc.)

Usability remarks:

  • Keep the number of clicks low
  • Don't force explicit selection of adding and removing, these should be intuitive
  • Multiple combo boxes require more clicks then they might be worth
  • Keep list length and screen height in mind (always a problem since all content is dynamic)

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