From 26/04/2011 to 25/05/2011


23:05 Bug #3514 (New): select slideshare problem
I can search slideshows but when I want to import/publish a selected item I get follo...
Nathalie Blocry
10:40 Usability #3508 (New): YouTube viewer uses outdated embedding
The current YouTube viewer is tiny, and lacking the controls to switch to fullscreen mode or change the quality. It a... Maarten Meuris


14:15 Bug #3458 (Bug resolved): redirect after youtube upload
after i have uploaded a movie to youtube i get redirected to an url that doesn't exist.
the upload was successful ...
Nathalie Blocry


15:17 Bug #3363: youtube
What's more : an empty youtube co is created. in the repository.
Working from the youtube repository works fine (i...
Koen Favere
14:59 Bug #3363 (New): youtube
when creating a youtube a new blank screen appears in front of the create window.
after closing this blank screen yo...
Koen Favere
14:44 Usability #3362 (New): Youtube - not possible to logout
It should be possible to log out from your 'Youtube' repository,
people with more then one account wants to login to...
Michael Hosdez

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