From 04/01/2011 to 02/02/2011


18:35 Feature #2730 (Assigned): Scribd
Millions of documents and books at your fingertips! Read, print, download, and send them to your mobile devices insta... Hans De Bisschop


11:27 Usability #2577 (New): Review repository tree structure
The repository tree structure is a bit misleading to the end user.
For example create, import, thrash bin relates...
Laurent Opprecht
09:52 Bug #2576 (New): Change "Publish" in the exporter component
The exporter component has a column called "Publish" which is confusing for the end user. Especially though because t... Laurent Opprecht
09:47 Feature #2575 (New): Enable category selection in the exporter component
Currently it is not possible to filter objects by categories in the exporter component.
The current behaviour is t...
Laurent Opprecht
09:41 Bug #2574 (New): Not possible to export anything else than Document objects
Currently the exporter component does not allow to list anything else than document objects.
Looks like the table qu...
Laurent Opprecht
09:37 Feature #2573 (New): better differenciate external repositories with UI feedback
End user feedback:
> It is not very clear for the end user to know in which repository they are. I.e. in Chamilo, ...
Laurent Opprecht
09:23 Feature #2572 (Feature implemented): Fedora repository
Laurent Opprecht


15:13 Refactoring #1825 (Needs testing): Refactoring Fedora connectors
Laurent Opprecht

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