From 13/09/2010 to 12/10/2010


23:04 Support #1874 (Needs testing): Flickr: shows images from unknown owner!
If I remember correctly we inverted the categories and the user's personal photos should now be the default. Hans De Bisschop
23:03 Feature #1815 (Assigned): Sorting table view
Hans De Bisschop
23:02 Feature #1814 (Assigned): Filtering
Hans De Bisschop
23:02 Feature #1817 (Assigned): 23
Hans De Bisschop
22:56 Feature #1817: 23
We have almost complete support for 23 right now. An issue with the login procedure remains, but this is due to a str... Hans De Bisschop
23:01 Feature #1821 (Assigned): Opencast Matterhorn
Basic browsing and searching is operational. Further research and feedback from the Opencast community is required fo... Hans De Bisschop
22:58 Feature #1818 (Needs testing): Photobucket
Photobucket should now be fully integrated with Chamilo ... Hans De Bisschop
22:54 Refactoring #1871 (Assigned): shows files no longer in the external repository
Some of the data sources Google Docs provides for external repositories are not always immediately up-to-date. (the h... Hans De Bisschop
22:50 Usability #1869 (Needs more info): description required setting
Some external repositories require you to enter a description. This is not related to the Chamilo repository and ther... Hans De Bisschop


14:05 Bug #2058 (Bug resolved): error on sorting according to date in external Google docs

Fatal error: Call to a member function getText() on a non-object in C:\wamp\www\chamilogoogle\application\common\ex...


14:08 Bug #1978: Mediamosa: upload not possible
This is working now Anonymous

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