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Chamilo LMS

Chamilo LMS is an e-learning and talent management system developed under the GNU/GPLv3 license. It uses the PHP language and connects to MySQL or MariaDB for information retrieval.

This wiki tries to give pointers to the visitor. If you have a question and cannot find the answer here, just send us an e-mail at or create an account and write to us on the forum:

Chamilo 1.x Installation

See the installation guide:

Testing Chamilo for bugs

If you'd like to make sure something that is happening on your Chamilo portal is not specific to your portal, we provide a series of test portals (regularly erased and replaced by newer versions) for each branch of Chamilo. Log into any of these as administrator using the login/password pair admin/admin:

This will change over time, but the logic will stay the same. So if you have a doubt, confirm your test case on one of these portals, so you can share the URL publicly of where the problem appears. This will help us a lot when locating the issue and trying to solve it.


Chamilo uses the GNU/GPLv3 license, and includes a series of other open source projects or libraries with compatible licenses. A few third-party services also have integrations with Chamilo, but you can enable or disable them at will.

Chamilo 1.x extra info

Interface/pedagogical decisions


Management of Tools and sessions


Course Tutor



Documentation issues

See the Documentation project: (remove the "active" filter to see all the issues leading to the redaction of documentation)

Setup tricks

UTF-8 install


Developers knowledge base

Admins knowledge base

Free content for Chamilo

See the Free content page.

Chamilo and other projects

Chamilo 1's Evangelization


  • Optimizations (see documentation/ directory of Chamilo package)
  • Benchmarks


Twig in chamilo 1.9.x

twig conf

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