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h1. Chamilo 1.x Installation


See the installation guide:

* In English:
1) Normal installation guide:
2) [[simplified guide| Detailed install guide for Chamilo LMS on Linux Debian]]

* In Spanish:

h1. License

h2. Chamilo 1.x extra info

* [[Desarrollar Chamilo 1.8]] - un libro en EspaƱol sobre el desarrollo como miembro del equipo de desarrolladores de Chamilo 1.8
* [[How to report bugs]] - [[Como_reportar_errores]]
* List of [[Security issues]] and how to manage them
* [[FAQ| Frequently Asked Questions]] (English)

h2. Chamilo 1's Evangelization

* [[Chamilo evangelization]]
* [[Chamilo 1.9.8 - Features]]
* [[Chamilo 1.9.0 - Features]]
* [[Chamilo 1.8.8 - Features]]
* [[Chamilo 1.8.7 - Features]]
* [[Chamilo versions history]]

h2. Efficiency

* Optimizations (see documentation/ directory of Chamilo package)
* [[Benchmarks]]

h2. Interface/pedagogical decisions

h3. Sessions

Management of [[Tools and sessions]]

h3. Courses

[[Course Tutor]]

h3. Roles


h2. Documentation issues

See the Documentation project: (remove the "active" filter to see all the issues leading to the redaction of documentation)

h2. Setup tricks

[[UTF-8 install]]

h2. Releases

* The [[Release cycle]] of Chamilo
* [[Release procedure]] (for package managers)

h2. Developers knowledge base

* [[Chamilo LMS v1.10]] development guide
* [[Developers Knowledge Base]]
* [[Coding conventions]]
* [[Web services]]
* [[The sessions feature]]
* [[Multi-URLs]]
* [[Global statistics]]
* [[Other developers resources]]
* [[Jenkins]]
* [[Merging branches 1.9.x - 1.10/1.11 ]]
* [[FCKeditor extensions]]
* [[Use cases]]
* "Chash":, the Chamilo shell
* [[Database schema]]
* [[Continuous integration]] system and unit tests

h2. Admins knowledge base

* [[Munin scripts]]

h2. Free content for Chamilo

See the [[Free content]] page.

h2. Chamilo and other projects

* [[Chamilo and OLPC]]

h2. Test servers

h3. For Chamilo 1.9.x

h3. For Chamilo 1.10

h2. Misc

* [[codeswarm]] Chamilo code activity video

h2 .Twig in chamilo 1.9.x
[[twig conf]]