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h1. Chamilo 1.8 extra info

h2. Chamilo 1's Features

See [[Chamilo 1.8.7 - Features]]

h2. Report bugs

[[How to report bugs]]

h2. Interface/pedagogical decisions

h3. Sessions

Management of [[Tools and sessions]]

h3. Courses

[[Course Tutor]]

h3. Roles


h2. Rules

[[Coding conventions]]

h2. Setup tricks

[[UTF-8 install]]

h2. Release process

[[Release process]]

h2. Developers knowledge base

[[Developers Knowledge Base]]

h2. Documentation

h3. French

"Tutoriel Formateur Chamilo - 1.8.7 ":

"Tutoriel Administrateur Chamilo - 1.8.7":

h3. English

[[Web services]]